Use of Force Legal Update Seminar

Elmer Dickens, JD, President
PO Box 635, Carlton, OR 97111
503-704-1052 or 503-550-2125


  • Qualified immunity
  • Pursuits
  • Canines
  • Special teams
  • Less lethal tools
  • Constitutional standards for use of force (Enhanced Graham Factors)
  • Decision point analysis
  • Use of force litigation
  • Discovery and public records
  • Body camera issues
  • Use of force policies
  • Training issues
  • Seriourly mentally ill / intellectual disabled
  • Internal affairs / criminal / adminstrative investigations

Topics can be customized to suit your agency's needs based on the following areas:

This half-day or full-day seminar can be tailored to corrections, patrol, or both. This seminar focuses on recent 9th Circuit and US Supreme Court cases to provide a deeper understanding of trends and pitfalls in use of force. This seminar is presented by an attorney with many years advising both corrections and patrol officers on use of force issues and shares lessons learned from defending use of force cases.